Welcome! I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Economics at McMaster University. I expect to graduate in June 2023. My research interests lie in Econometrics, Labor, and Development Economics.

My current research is primarily concerned with causal inference and statistical decision making in the presence of interaction. In my job market paper, I develop asymptotic and bootstrap methods of statistical inference to disentangle the drivers of treatment effect heterogeneity in populations where units interact. The theoretical findings in the paper are corroborated by extensive Monte Carlo simulation results. Usage of the proposed methods is illustrated with data from a Chinese weather insurance policy program.

I am available for interviews on the European Job Market and the AEA Job Market.

Please download a copy of my CV here .



Phone: +1 289-501-760



  1. Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG) 2022 Conference (In-person) October 2022.

  2. The 17th CIREQ PhD Students' Conference (In-person), June 2022.

  3. The 56th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association (Virtual and In-person), June 2022.

  4. The 55th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association (Virtual), June 2021.

  5. The 54th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association (Paper accepted but Cancelled due to Covid-19), June 2020.


  1. McMaster Graduates COVID-19 Grant , Sep 2020, 2021.

  2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Sep 2017- Sep 2018.

  3. McMaster Tuition Scholarship, Sep 2017- Sep 2021.

  4. McMaster Graduate Scholarship, Sep 2017- Sep 2021.

  5. Productivity Partnership Grant, Sep 2018- Dec 2018.

  6. Distinguished Graduate Student Award for MBE, Brock University, Sep 2017.

  7. Brock University Graduate Fellowship, Sep 2015- Sep 2017.

  8. Brock University International Tuition Scholarship, Sep 2015- Sep 2017.

  9. Brock University Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarship, Sep 2015.